New York Times covers nanotech

An article in the New York Times ("Tiny Technologies Slip Unseen Into Daily Life", by Barnaby J. Feder, 11 March 2002) takes a decidedly short-term view of nanotechnology, focusing on the many companies attempting to commercialize nano-structured materials. The article makes only a few passing references to the potential for advanced nanoscale devices, but does note the increasing level of interest from venture capitalists and investors: "The things I said a few years ago would be prototypes in 2005 are here now," James C. Ellenbogen, who heads the nanotechnology division at the Mitre Corporation, which specializes in government-supported technical research. "There has been a sharp upsurge in the number of venture capitalists at science meetings."

[Note: Access to the NYT site is free, but requires registration.]

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