Make money publishing your nanotechnology research

Here’s a different model of research publishing: nanotechnology researchers can now publish their nanotech work and get paid via journal-related advertising and sponsorship, over at AZojono, the “online journal of nanotechnology”:

• Authors receive a revenue share of 50% of the related revenue their contributions attract.
• Peer reviewers receive a revenue share of 20%.
• The site administrators receive a revenue share of 30%.

This model is called OARS for Open Access Rewards System. It’s not completely open, however, as Chief Editor David Freund commented, “…AZoJono’s open access approach using our patented OARS (Open Access Author Rewards) system is starting to gain some significant traction as a highly successful mechanism for researchers to broadcast their findings to the global Nanotech community.” Patenting the approach doesn’t seem to be quite in the spirit of open access.

In any case, if this model catches on — and if it can enforce quality control — it looks like a good deal for authors and reviewers, especially compared to many journals that charge for the privilege of publishing. Plus, it is free for readers. —Christine

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