More on nanotechnology for medicine using nanorobots

A post by Roland Piquepaille on ZDnet further exploring a topic recently covered here: nanoscale robotic devices for medical applications. The site allows you to indicate whether you want this subject covered in the future or not. Excerpt:

The idea of using nanorobots to deliver drugs and fight diseases such as cancers is not new…But there are still lots of issues to solve before nanorobots can diagnose our diseases and treat them. Now, an international team of researchers has designed a software and hardware platform of a nanorobot to be used in medical applications. The researchers think their nanorobots could become available around 2015.

Move fast to get the original Nanotechnology journal article for free (reg req’d); after 30 days the publisher (Institute of Physics, UK) takes it down. An excerpt:

This paper presents the architecture and the simulation of nanorobots using sensor capability for medical target identification. Nanorobots are expected to enable significant new methodologies in diagnosis, medical therapies, and minimally invasive surgery [1–4]. In our work we demonstrate a computational and analytical new approach to help in the research and development of nanorobots [5, 6].

See also the interview on —Christine

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