Nanotechnology podcast: near, mid, and long term

Here at Foresight we like to present a balanced picture of nanotechnology, pushing for the benefits and heading off downsides. To do this, it’s necessary to discuss those nanotech downsides especially when someone asks about them. Earth & Sky asked me, and put the audio on the web:

Upcoming, said Peterson, are issues of privacy related to the development of nanosensors. These would be tiny devices used to detect substances, for example chemicals produced by our bodies, eventually maybe even DNA.

Christine Peterson: In the midterm, we’re looking at the proliferation of those sensors, what they’re picking up, who gets that data, and how that data is used.

And in the longterm, Peterson said …

Christine Peterson: We do need to look at potential military uses in weaponry.

Yup, we do. Not a fun subject, but definitely, er, stimulating! —Christine

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