Effective Altruism advocates using evidence and careful analysis to determine how individuals can use their resources (donations, time, or even career choice) to most effectively help others. Key ideas can include young people leveraging their efforts by focusing their careers on difficult, long-term goals that are not yet receiving support commensurate with their revolutionary importance, and planning their lives in order to accomplish more, including caring properly for yourself and choosing a good life partner.

Cyber, Nano, and AGI Risks: Computer Security and Effective Altruism

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Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute Co-Founder and Projects Director Foresight Institute Co-Founder and Projects Director Christine Peterson (full biography) was interviewed recently by 80000 Hours, “an independent nonprofit funded [...]

Foresight Co-Founder to speak on altruism, nanotechnology

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Christine Peterson will speak on "High-Leverage Altruism" at the fourth annual conference of Effective Altruism, using reason and evidence to improve the world as much as possible, and on nanotechnology at the Singularity University Global Summit, the definitive gathering for those who understand the critical importance of exponential technologies.

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