Defining Aging and Rejuvenation

Presenters Vadim Gladyshev, Professor at Harvard Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School Director of Redox Medicine, Medicine, Brigham And Women’s Hospital. The Gladyshev lab research interests focus on redox biology and trace elements as applied to cancer, aging and male reproduction. They are trying to understand the mechanisms of redox regulation of cellular processes by studying… Continue reading Defining Aging and Rejuvenation

Reversal of Immunosenescence

Presenters Robert Cargill, Glionics Inc Health technology entrepreneur working to accelerate advances in regenerative medicine. Driven, goal-oriented leader dedicated to bringing engineering and technology into the world of medicine in order to ease the burden of chronic disease, extend healthy human lifespan, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Interests in longevity technologies including models for… Continue reading Reversal of Immunosenescence

The Prospera FDA

Presenters Mike Sinn, CureDAO/Quantimodo I got my degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Then I spent a decade doing industrial root-cause failure analysis and managing a testing lab. During that time, I developed several conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, and depression. I was sent to a specialist for each condition. However, after many years I was… Continue reading The Prospera FDA

80/20 Gene Therapy

Presenters Reason, CEO of Repair Biotechnologies Reason is co-founder and CEO of Repair Biotechnologies. He has been an active angel investor in the longevity industry since its earliest days, with investments including Oisin Biotechnologies and Leucadia Therapeutics. He is a long-standing and well-connected patient advocate for aging research, involved in numerous fundraising and outreach initiatives… Continue reading 80/20 Gene Therapy

Borys Wrobel, Adam Mickiewicz University | Bringing Cryonics to the Masses – Challenge

Presenter Borys Wrobel, Adam Mickiewicz University I lead the Laboratory of Bioengineering at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Our current projects are theoretical (bio-inspired computation) and experimental (optimizing cryopreservation of neural tissue). In our theoretical work, we design artificial evolutionary systems inspired by biological genetic and neural networks. We are interested in learning… Continue reading Borys Wrobel, Adam Mickiewicz University | Bringing Cryonics to the Masses – Challenge

Jun Axup, Director of Partnerships at E11 Bio | The IndieBio Space

Presenters Jun Axup, E11 Jun Axup is Director of Partnerships at E11 Bio, where she fosters collaborations across academia and industry to create the biggest impact of E11’s work in the world. Previously, she was Chief Science Officer & Partner at IndieBio, a leading life science accelerator, where she had funded and advised over 170… Continue reading Jun Axup, Director of Partnerships at E11 Bio | The IndieBio Space

Multi Omics Clock Foundation

Presenters Jason Mercurio, Ageless Jason C. Mercurio is the founder and CEO of Ageless Partners (AP), a global anti-aging company with interests in reverse aging research, trends, supplements, and technologies. Prior to AP, Mr. Mercurio conducted research with machine learning, data science, automated trading systems, and statistical methods within multiple financial markets. He developed software… Continue reading Multi Omics Clock Foundation

Foresight Longevity Workshop | Introducing the Groups

Scaleable Platform for Radically Open Pharmaco-biology

Presenters Leon Peshkin, Harvard Scientist I came into Systems Biology from the Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics background to inform computational methods with biological insight and help advance the state of probabilistic modeling and data analysis in biological medical research. My passion is understanding the root causes of aging and unlocking nature’s mechanism for longevity… Continue reading Scaleable Platform for Radically Open Pharmaco-biology

Quantum Biology

Presenters Clarice Aiello, Professor at UCLA Clarice D. Aiello is a quantum engineer interested in how quantum physics informs biology at the nanoscale. She is an expert on nanosensors harnessing room-temperature quantum effects in noisy environments. Experiments suggest that nontrivial quantum mechanical effects involving spin might underlie biosensing phenomena as varied as magnetic field detection… Continue reading Quantum Biology

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