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How to Collaborate

Foresight Institute supports the beneficial development of science and technology development that is undervalued by legacy institutions.

To do this, we run seminars to drive core technologies, experiment with new funding mechanisms, and grow an interdisciplinary community.

In 2021, we hit 10K Youtube subscribers, doubled the size of our technical groups and fellowship applications, accepted three accelerator projects for additional support, and had several interdisciplinary community meetings around the world.

Below you’ll see 2021 progress, and a wishlist you can select from to indicate your goals for Foresight in 2022. 

Each area has its individual Btc & Eth addresses and you can direct credit card donations to a specific area. You can also give other crypto coins, or contact us for individual arrangements and to let us know you donated. We can’t wait to welcome you into the community!

Undervalued science & tech

Progress on atomically precise control of matter 

  • Our Molecular Machines track coordinates scientists, funders, and institutional allies in advancing molecular machines for applications in energy, medicine, and material science and atomically precise control of matter.
  • Explore our annual report, the seminar summaries, or the table of Molecular Machine Devices for 2022 focus areas. Your support lets us produce seminar summaries and make them publicly available in 2022.

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Progress on biotechnology and rejuvenation

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Progress on secure decentralized cooperation

  • Our Intelligent Cooperation program focuses on using tools from computer security, cryptography, cryptocommerce, and related fields to secure and improve voluntary cooperation across humans and other intelligences.
  • Explore the annual report or the individual seminar summaries. Your support lets us produce seminar summaries and make them publicly available in 2022. 

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Two new tracks: neurotechnology and space technology 

  • In addition to expanding our core tracks, we’re opening two tracks to support early-stage work in neurotechnology and space technology.
  • Your contributions support seminar production and capture in these tracks.

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Interdisciplinary community

Interdisciplinary competitions: solving problems across domains


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Global meetups

  • We have grown a global community of scientists and technologists collaborating on positive futures. Many offered to host regular meetings across the US and Europe and we had first gatherings in Berlin, France, and Portugal.
  • Your contribution supports organizers hosting meetups. 

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Experiments in incentivization

Biotechnology, molecular machines, computing Fellowships

  • Congratulations to our our 2021 fellows and accelerator winners advancing biotechnology, molecular machines, and computing for the benefit of life! 
  • Applications for our 2022 fellow are oversubscribed. Your support allows us to increase the number of biotechnology, molecular machines and computing fellows we can support though travel stipends, mentorship, and professional exposure.

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Early-stage prizes in rejuvenation, computer security, neurotechnology

  • Congratulations to our 2021 Feynman Prize winners Ken Houk, UCLA, and Anne-Sophie Duwez, University of Liege! 
  • Since 1993, you’ve enabled Foresight to award the Feynman Prize to reward ambitious nanotechnology work. The mechanism works well: our 2007 awardee received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016. Your contribution supports similar prizes to speed up early-stage work in rejuvenation, computer security, or brain computer interfaces. 

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LAB Gallery: collect art to fund early-stage science

  • Science, especially when early stage and interdisciplinary, faces two problems: 1. It’s hard to communicate. 2. Funding relies on complicated legacy institutions that take a big cut.
  • Foresight’s LAB gallery pairs artists and scientists to inspire interest in science through art. By collecting the NFT art piece, anyone can become a direct patron of a brilliant scientist. Your support funds monthly exhibitions of fundable science in biotechnology, molecular machines, neurotechnology, and computing.

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Tech trees: finding and funding undervalued areas for progress

  • There are many areas in biotechnology, molecular machines, and neurotechnology that could benefit from support. For outside funding and talent it can be hard to to find out to help. To aid coordination, technology trees provide an overview of the field, existing work and open challenges. 
  • Through our technical groups, we’ll generate biotechnology, molecular machines, and neurotechnology trees for each field. Long-term, these trees may integrate across domains. This longevity tech tree is a first prototype, this white paper explains how we’re expanding it, and this hackathon is for crowdsourcing and crowdfunding them. Your contribution helps us speed up the process. 

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We are a small organization with a big community. We could not exist without you. Thank you for moving mountains with us! 

To celebrate this year’s successes and start into 2022, we hope to see you at ​​Vision Weekend, Dec 4 – 12, in the US and Europe. Can’t make it? No problem! You can join the virtual event to meet like minds across the world! 

We have big plans for 2022 and can’t wait to collaborate closer via our virtual seminars, Discord community, and in-person meetings.

You can give directly via credit card, paypal, check, or via crypto coins. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, to let us know you donated crypto or to make individual arrangements.

Join us in advancing science and technology for futures of Existential Hope.



Allison Duettmann
President and Executive Director

Lou de Kerhuelvez 
Chief of Operations

Beatrice Erkers
Chief of Communications

Christine Peterson