Grant program to support nanotechnology and other infrastructure

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The US National Science Foundation announced a new grant program to develop and apply next-generation networking to advance nanotechnology and other emerging technologies to meet important national needs.

A framework to promote critical thinking about nanotechnology

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Foresight's Director of Education Miguel F. Aznar has proposed nine questions to promote critical thinking and contextual understanding of the issues related to nanotechnology to enable the general public and policy makers to make informed choices on subjects influenced by nanotechnology.

New online game to design RNA molecules: advancing nanotechnology?

By |2017-06-01T14:03:23-07:00July 16th, 2012|Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM), Bionanotechnology, Molecular manufacturing, Molecular Nanotechnology, Nano, Nanobiotechnology, Nanodot, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, Public participation, Questions for Nanodot Users|

A new online game allows players to design RNA molecules. The most promising designs are synthesized, and the players given real-world feedback on how well their designs worked.

Crowd-sourced protein design a promising path to advanced nanotechnology

By |2017-06-01T14:03:28-07:00January 24th, 2012|Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM), Bionanotechnology, Computational nanotechnology, Found On Web, Molecular manufacturing, Molecular Nanotechnology, Nano, Nanobiotechnology, Nanodot, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, Open Source, Productive Nanosystems, Public participation, Research|

Foldit game players have again out-performed scientists in protein design, this time improving the design of a protein designed from scratch to catalyze Diels-Alder cycloadditions.

Know a young visionary who deserves a large grant? Deadline Dec 31

By |2017-06-01T14:16:51-07:00December 15th, 2011|About Foresight, Foresight News Articles, Investment/Entrepreneuring, Life extension, Memetics, Nano, Nanobusiness, Nanodot, NanoEducation, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, New Institutions, News, news, Public participation|

The Thiel Foundation is offering $100,000 grants to innovators age 19 or younger who want to skip college and focus on their work, their research, and their self-education—Deadline Dec 31.

Singularity University takes on advanced nanotech questions

By |2017-06-01T14:03:32-07:00October 25th, 2011|Abuse of Advanced Technology, Artificial Molecular Machines, Environment, Health, and Safety, Ethics, Future Warfare, Meetings & Conferences, Molecular Nanotechnology, Nano, Nanobusiness, Nanodot, NanoEducation, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology Politics, Public participation, Questions for Nanodot Users, Robotics|

The Singularity University Executive Program recently took on the challenges of advanced nanotech: Nanotechnology: How should we evaluate the environmental impact of human-made machines that are too small to see? [...]

Deadline THIS FRIDAY for early rate on Open Science Summit

By |2017-06-01T14:03:33-07:00September 20th, 2011|Economics, Ethics, Foresight Kudos, Intellectual Property, Investment/Entrepreneuring, Meetings & Conferences, Nanodot, News, Open Source, Open source sensing, Openness/Privacy, Public participation, Robotics|

Excellent lineup of speakers again this year for the Open Science Summit, Oct. 22-23, and you can get in for only $100 if you register by this Friday: Hope [...]

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