Nanotechnology "Unconference" now open to general public

Registration for Foresight’s Nov. 3-4 Vision Weekend focused on nanotechnology and other advanced technologies — traditionally restricted to Foresight Senior Associates — is being opened to the general public this year as an experiment. Space is limited and participants are advised to register very soon.

To warm up for our Sat/Sun afternoon unconference, in the mornings we’ll have four inspiring plenary talks:

David Friedman: Polymath whose creativity knows no boundaries, from economics to coming technologies to visionary fiction (Sat)
Matt Francis: Rising star in nanotech, bringing us the latest & greatest in nanobio on the pathway to atomically precise construction (Sat)
Peter Thiel: From financial markets to longevity to AI & the singularity, his vision is dramatic and compelling (Sun)
Chris Heward: If your goal is anti-aging, he’s your man. We’ll hear the latest advances on living longer (Sun)

Then in the afternoon we’ll explore these topics, and more added by participants:

Diamond mechanosynthesis
Productive Nanosystems Roadmap
Future of Architecture
Molecular Modeling
Near-term nanotech & entrepreneurial action
Nanomedical Sensors
Nanotech for the Poor
Nano careers: when and how to make your move
Artificial intelligence & cutting-edge software
Self-Improving AI
Artificial General Intelligence in Virtual Worlds
Artificial Intuition
Life extension
Inefficient Altruism
Stem Cells and Aging
Nanotech literacy
Prediction markets & reputation systems
Randomness of Progress
Social software — Disruptive web technologies
Future of Collaboration
Collective Choice
Open source-style security for the physical world
Nanotech and privacy/openness
Accelerating Change
Human enhancement
Space development & settlement
The Pathway to Whole Brain Emulation
Synthetic biology
Patent reform: “Peer to Patent” community patent review
Virtual Worlds
Climate Crisis: Building a New Energy Future
Good Design, Bad Design
Ubiquity and Ambience
Reliable Voting Software
Convergence Technologies
Knowledge Wealth

Facebook members can use the Facebook event listing to:
• Invite your friends to the event — even if you can’t attend this year yourself
• Indicate your plans to participate

But the only way to actually get in the door is to pre-register! We can’t take walk-ins this year.

Hope to see you there! —Christine

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