What sort of abundance will nanotechnology bring?

One example is presented of how well the meme is spreading that nanotechnology will evolve toward atomically precise manufacturing that will in turn bring forth a world of abundance.

Notes for 400 hours of Richard Feynman’s Hughes Lectures

While a consultant for Hughes Aircraft Company from 1966 through 1971, Richard Feynman delivered about two hundred lectures that were available only to Hughes employees. Unfortunately these lectures were never recorded. An attendee has now released 1000 pages of notes he took and transcribed from these lectures.

Building biological molecular machines as an open source path to advanced nanotechnology

B.R.AI.N.S., Berkeley BioLabs, and Foresight Institute to build an open source biological parts repository and design and distribute a line of “How-to Build Biological Machines” educational kits.

A bird’s-eye view of half a century of nanotechnology

Reviewing Eric Drexler’s Radical Abundance, Phil Bowermaster provides an informed and insightful overview of the controversies that greeted the proposal for a nanotechnology aimed at developing a practical technology for atomically precise manufacturing. Along the way he shows how Drexler’s outlook evolved from 1986 to 2013.

THE SINGULARITY film premiere at The Castro Theatre 09.16.13

Doug Wolens’s documentary “THE SINGULARITY: Will we survive our technology” premieres at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre September 16, 2013.

Foresight Advisor Doug Engelbart, 1925-2013, will be greatly missed

The visionary technologist who invented the computer mouse and hypertext linking, and helped bring about the Information Revolution joined Foresight in advocating online discussion and argumentation systems for exploring emerging technologies.

Nano for younger kids

Nanotechnology outreach and education in Latin America, a buckyball toy, and a Swiss nanotechnology education kit featuring a Lego + laser model of an atomic force microscope

Webcast with Peter H. Diamandis on Abundance

Foresight Advisor Peter H. Diamandis will make the case that the world is getting better at an accelerating rate in a webcast presented on April 11 by Singularity University. Registration required to participate.

Nanotechnology, digital fabrication, and innovation at TED

A talk at TEDxBerkeley includes nanotechnology among the options for digital fabrication, one of five new rules of innovation.

Roadmap to an abundant future #1 on Amazon and BarnesAndNoble

A new book documenting tremendous strides toward a better future reached #1 on both Amazon and BarnesAndNoble.

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